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Local Plan

The Fenland Local Development Plan contains the policies and broad locations for the growth and regeneration of Fenland over the next 20 years.

Local Plan

In preparing our plans for the future, here in Fenland we are doing things differently. We think our plan is short, simple but effective. It focuses on the important key issues and guides development, but does not stifle it. It gives freedom and flexibility as to where, how and when growth will occur. Overall it gives local communities the maximum opportunity to influence development within their district.

We consulted on the changes that arose through the hearing sessions, known as the proposed 'Main' and 'Minor' modifications, for six weeks from 14 January to 5pm 24 February 2014. The Inspector has considered all comments received in relation to the 'Main' modifications and issued her final recommendations in the form of an Inspector's report on 9th April 2014. See the 'Public Examination' section below for further details.

The Inspector found the plan 'sound' subject to the incorporation of the 'main' modifications. The Inspector's Report was presented to the Council's Cabinet and subsequently, to Full Council on 8th May 2014, where the Local Plan was formally adopted.


  • Fenland Local Plan (Adopted)

    The Fenland Local Plan Development Plan Document (DPD) was adopted at a full meeting of Fenland District Council on 8 May 2014.

  • Public Examination

    As part of the examination of the Core Strategy, hearing sessions were held for five days from 9 - 13 December 2013. Further information on the examination and what happened post-hearing can be found here.

  • Submission

    The Core Strategy was submitted on 4 September 2013.

  • Addendum to Proposed Submission Version 2013

    The Addendum to the Core Strategy Consultation was held from 27 June - 7 August 2013

  • Policies Map June 13Submission Policies Map

    Submission Policies Map

    The Policies Map identifies land for major new development as well as protection areas (such as Conservation Areas and nature sites).