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Article 4 Directions

More information about Article 4 Directions and where they are in place in Fenland.

Article 4

What is an Article 4 Direction?

An pdf icon Article 4 Direction [141kb] is a planning power which is applied to unlisted dwelling houses (either individually or in an identified area) to control certain alterations which may otherwise have benefited from permitted development rights.

Article 4 Directions specific to conservation areas are used to control certain classes of minor alterations and extensions such as the erection of porches, replacement of windows & doors and painting of a building's exterior.

They are applied in selective circumstances in areas or to buildings of the highest historic quality and character, relating to development which is likely to threaten their character and appearance. The effect of an Article 4 Direction is that planning permission is required for minor developments that would otherwise not have required planning permission.

Where are Article 4 directions in place in Fenland, and what does this mean for Planning Permission?

In Fenland, an Article 4 (2) Direction was approved on 28th January 2002. This affects dwelling houses within the pdf icon Wisbech Conservation Area [325kb] and the pdf icon Bowthorpe Conservation Area [198kb]. As a result of the Article 4 (2) direction in place, improvements and alternations which would affect parts of a dwelling house fronting a highway, waterway or open space are controlled.

For dwelling houses covered by the Article 4 (2) Direction, planning permission is required for:

  • the replacement of windows, where the windows would front a highway, waterway or open space
  • enlargement of the property
  • alteration to roofs
  • construction of porches
  • removal of stacks
  • any works associated with the construction, maintenance, improvement and alteration of gates, fences, walls and other enclosures and works to access.