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Street Pride Grants

Funds are on offer from Fenland District Council for groups that wish to develop and work on a specific project in partnership with another group or organisation.

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Fenland District Council fully supports the development of the voluntary and community sector and recognises the valuable contribution that these groups give towards making Fenland an even cleaner, safer and greener place to live.

Projects will be supported from volunteer groups if they demonstrably benefit a sufficient proportion of the local community by working together to create a clean and healthy environment.

To qualify for a Street Pride grant, any voluntary constituted group must work in partnership with another group or organisation to deliver the project and the project for which funding is sought must meet one of more of the aims below:

Rejuvenating the street view of prominent buildings and street furniture

Engaging young people in environmental issues

Acting in neglected areas to encourage others to take pride in Fenland

Caring for a nature reserve, cemetery or green space

Holding events to encourage others to participate / recruit for new members


Highlighted photos show past projects that the grant has helped to fund.


For further details, please contact the Street Pride Co-ordinator, either by email or by telephone 01354 654321