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Whittlesea Station Masterplan

Have your say on station masterplan

A masterplan setting out a vision for the future for Whittlesea Train Station has been developed.

A public consultation was held during June and July 2013 where Fenland District Council and Whittlesey Town Council were asking local residents for their views and opinions about the plan.  The responses and feedback were assessed to create a final version of the masterplan.

In 2011 and 2012 local organisations and the public gave their support for improvements to Whittlesea Station through the Fenland Rail Development Strategy and Whittlesey Market Town Transport Strategy consultations. With this support the Councils have been working together with Greater Anglia the train operating company and Network Rail to set out plans for how the station might look in the future.

The draft masterplan shows the proposed location of facilities that are expected to be delivered in future at the station. This includes car parking, lighting, waiting shelters, customer information points and proposals for access between the platforms. The Councils intend to amend the plan following the consultation and then adopt a final version that can then be implemented in stages in future years.

What has been happening since the public consultation?

Manea & Whittlesea Stations feasibility Study - The master plan includes proposals to lengthen the platforms at Whittlesea Station and also to include a pedestrian bridge between the two platforms. In February 2015 an initial feasibility study was commissioned to understand the details and technical requirements that will be necessary to lengthen the platforms and to include a pedestrian bridge at Whttlesea Station. This study is expected to complete its findings in Summer 2015.

S106 Development Funding - discussions are ongoing with land owners and their agents about the potential for S106 developer funds to deliver and implement some of the items on the Whittlesea Station master plan.