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The Planning Policy Library

The Local Plan is supported by a series of documents.


The table below sets out the documents that have been used to inform the preparation of the Core Strategy. Documents have one of the following status:

S - 'Submitted' -a document that was formally submitted to the Secretary of State on 4 September to support the inspection of the Core Strategy.

E - 'Added during Examination' - additional core documents that have been prepared to support the Core Strategy post-submission, usually on request of the Inspector.

O - 'Other' - a background document that is relevant to the Core Strategy.

This live table will be updated throughout the examination of the Core Strategy.

For further information on the status of the Core Strategy examination and the latest timetable, please refer to the examination web pages.

Ref NoStatusDocumentPublication DateDescriptionLink
CD001SSubmission Core StrategySept-13Sets out the strategy for development in Fenland up to 2031pdf icon CD001 [2Mb]
CD002(a)ESchedule of Suggested ChangesSept-13

Sets out the Council's proposed minor changes to the Core Strategy

pdf icon CD002(a) [58kb]
CD002(b)ESchedule of Suggested ChangesNov-13

Sets out the Council's proposed modifications to the Core Strategy (version b)

pdf icon CD002(b) [146kb]
CD003SSubmission Policies MapSept-13Identifies land for major new development as well as protection areas (such as Conservation Areas and nature sites)CD003
CD004(a)SSustainability Appraisal Part 1Sept-13A statutory tool used throughout the preparation of the Core Strategy to assess the impact of the policies and proposals on sustainability pdf icon CD004(a) [1Mb]
CD004(b)SSustainability Appraisal Part 2Sept-13As above, focusing on the allocation of specific sitespdf icon CD004(b) [2Mb]
CD004(c)SNon technical summary of the Sustainability AppraisalSept-13A summary of the Sustainability Appraisalpdf icon CD004(c) [831kb]
CD004(d)SSustainability Appraisal Scoping DocumentJan-11A report to establish the criteria to be used to assess the sustainability of the Core Strategypdf icon CD004(d) [1Mb]
CD005SHabitats Regulations AssessmentSept-13Stage 1 (Screening) to determine whether the Core Strategy is likely to have significant impact on a Natura 2000 sitespdf icon CD005 [1Mb]
CD006SStatement of ConsultationSept-13Sets out the consultation arrangements have been undertaken in the preparation of the Core Strategypdf icon CD006 [6Mb]
CD007(a)SProposed Submission Statutory NoticeFeb-13Public notice setting out when and where consultation documents were availablepdf icon CD007(a) [10kb]
CD007(b)SProposed Submission (Addendum) Statutory NoticeJune-13Public notice setting out when and where consultation documents were availablepdf icon CD007(b) [12kb]
CD008SLocal Development SchemeMarch-13Timetable setting out the preparation stages of the Local Planpdf icon CD008 [696kb]
CD009SCustomer Impact ReviewSept-13Assessment of equality in the preparation of the Core Strategypdf icon CD009 [687kb]
CD010SProposed Submission Version of the Core StrategyFeb-13Proposed Submission version of the Core Strategypdf icon CD010 [2Mb]
CD011SProposed Submission Policies MapFeb-13Identifies land for major new development as well as protection areas (such as Conservation Areas and nature sites)CD011
CD012SCore Strategy Addendum DocumentJune-13Core Strategy - addendum consultation version. Including updates to Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment and Policies Mappdf icon CD012 [13Mb]
CD013EStatement of Common GroundOct-13Statement of Common Ground relating to the A47 in and around Wisbech in both Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.pdf icon CD013 [846kb]
CD014SAffordable Housing Viability AnalysisJan-10Examines the impacts on development viability of applying affordable housing percentages on residential development sitesCD014
CD015SCambridge - sub-regional Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs AssessmentOct-11An assessment of need for permanent pitch provision for Gypsies and Travellers, and an indication of need in relation to Travelling Show Peoplepdf icon CD015 [274kb]
CD016SObjectively Assessed Need for Additional Housing - Memorandum of Co-operationMay-13To set out the objectively assessed need for additional housing to 2031pdf icon CD016 [724kb]
CD017SCambridgeshire and Peterborough Memorandum of Co-operation - Spatial Approach 2011-31May-13Produced by the local authorities to support the development of a coherent and comprehensive growth strategy across Cambridgeshire and Peterboroughpdf icon CD017 [1Mb]
CD018SEconomic Development StrategyJan-13The framework for the development of the Fenland economypdf icon CD018 [7Mb]
CD019(a)SFenland District Wide Local Plan 1993Aug-93Adopted Local PlanCD019(a)
CD019(b)SFenland District Wide Local Plan Saved PoliciesSept-07Adopted Local Plan Policies Saved  by the Secretary of Statepdf icon CD019(b) [16kb]
CD020(a)SMonitoring Report 11/12Dec-12Annual monitoring report setting out key facts and figures on development in Fenlandpdf icon CD20 [17Mb]
CD020(b)SMonitoring Report 12/13Dec-13Annual monitoring report setting out key facts and figures on development in Fenland as at 31 March 2013pdf icon CD020(b) [15Mb]
CD021SStatement of Community InvolvementJune-13Sets out how the Council intend to involve communities and stakeholders in preparing the Local Plan and determining planning applicationspdf icon CD021 [1Mb]
CD022SEmployment Evidence ReportSept-13Provides evidence on the level of employment growth to 2031pdf icon CD022 [948kb]
CD023SThreshold Policy for Retail Impact TestFeb-13Consideration of local floorspace threshold for retail impact assessmentspdf icon CD023 [663kb]
CD024STown Centre Annotations on the Policies MapFeb-13Definition of the extent of town centres and primary shopping areaspdf icon CD024 [706kb]
CD025SHousing Evidence ReportSept-13Provides background information and justification for the delivery of housing. THIS REPORT HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY CD025(a).pdf icon CD025 [971kb]
CD025(a)EHousing Evidence Report - November 2013 UpdateNov-13Replaces the previous 'September 2013' version. Provides background information and justification for the delivery of housing using the latest 12/13 monitoring data.pdf icon CD025(a) [5Mb]
CD026SNatural Environment Evidence ReportSept-13Provides background information and justification for policy CS19,  Natural Environmentpdf icon CD026 [641kb]
CD027SCommunity Safety EvidenceFeb-13Providing background evidence and justification for CS17, Community Safetypdf icon CD027 [643kb]
CD028SFlood Risk Sequential and Exception TestSept-13Assessment of growth locations in relation to flood riskpdf icon CD028 [677kb]
CD029SHistoric Environment Evidence ReportFeb-13Provides background information and justification for policy CS18, Historic Environmentpdf icon CD029 [632kb]
CD030SInfrastructure Delivery PlanFeb-13This live document sets out the key items of infrastructure necessary to support the growth proposed in the Core Strategypdf icon CD030 [987kb]
CD031SParking Standards Evidence ReportFeb-13Provides evidence on the Parking Standardspdf icon CD031 [638kb]
CD032SSettlement Hierarchy Evidence ReportFeb-13Assessment of the facilities and services in each of the settlements in the districtpdf icon CD032 [750kb]
CD033SVillage Thresholds Evidence ReportFeb-13Provides background information and justification for Village thresholdspdf icon CD033 [657kb]
CD034SGoing for Growth Evidence ReportFeb-13Considering the implications of growth in the districtpdf icon CD034 [837kb]
CD035SHealth and Wellbeing Policy Supporting DocumentMarch-13Providing background evidence and justification for CS2, Facilitating Health and Wellbeing of Fenland Residentspdf icon CD035 [970kb]
CD036SOpen Space Standards ReportFeb-13Provides background information and justification of Open Space standardspdf icon CD036 [673kb]
CD037SDuty to Co-operate SummarySept-13Sets out how the Duty to Co-operate has been fulfilledpdf icon CD037 [1Mb]
CD038SViability ReportSept-13Consideration of the viability implications of the Core Strategypdf icon CD038 [669kb]
CD039ECambridgeshire County Council Memorandum of AgreementOct-13Memorandum of Agreement between CCC and FDCpdf icon CD039 [224kb]
CD040EHousing Apportionment and Peterborough Evidence ReportNov-13Explains the housing apportionment in relation to Peterboroughpdf icon CD040 [32kb]
CD041EStatement of Common Ground between FDC and Peterborough City CouncilNov-13Explains the areas of agreement between FDC and Peterborough City Councilpdf icon CD041 [10kb]
CD042EFacilitating Growth in FenlandNov-13Guidance note to provide advice and direction to help facilitate the processing of complex planning proposals in Fenlandpdf icon CD042 [1Mb]
CD043EFenland Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (GTANA) Update 2013Nov-13The study updates the Cambridge Sub-Region GTANA 2011 for the Fenland district.pdf icon CD043 [339kb]
CD044EDelivering and Protecting High Quality Environments in Fenland draft Supplementary Planning DocumentNov-13Draft SPD to support the Core Strategypdf icon CD044 [478kb]
CD045EResource, Use, Renewable Energy and Allowable Solutions - draft Supplmentary Planning DocumentNov-13Draft SPD to support Core Strategy Policy CS14pdf icon CD045 [19Mb]
CD046EPopulation, Housing and Employment Forecasts - Technical ReportApril-13A report by Cambridgeshire County Council Research and Performance Team to support spatial strategy developmentpdf icon CD046 [1Mb]
CD047EStatement and appendices from J R Maxey (Maxey, Grounds & Co)Dec-13Statement and appendices submitted by J R Maxey in relation to Matter 4 (affordable housing)

pdf icon HS10 - 1 of 3 [468kb]pdf icon HS10 - 2 of 3 [475kb]pdf icon HS10 - 3 of 3 [117kb]

 OCambridgeshire Surface Water Management PlanMay-11Study on surface water management issues across CambridgeshireCambridgeshire Surface Water Management Plan
 OCambridgeshire Green Infrastructure ReviewJuly-11Sets out the benefits and functions of Green Infrastructure and encourages a co-ordinated and consistent approach to Green Infrastructure planningCambridgeshire Green Infrastructure Review
 OCambridgeshire-wide Joint StatementJuly-12Joint statement from Cambridgeshire District Councils on future growthpdf icon Cambridgeshire-wide Joint Statement [26kb]
 ODistrict-wide Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Level 1July-11District wide assessment of Flood Risk and associated figures

pdf icon SFRA Figures [10Mb]

pdf icon District Wide SFRA [4Mb]
 ODraft Regional Spatial Strategy (submitted to Sos 2010)March-10Draft Revised Regional Strategy - submitted but not adoptedpdf icon Regional Spatial Strategy - Draft Revision [3Mb]
 ORegional Spatial Strategy (2008)May-08Regional Strategy for the East of England - revoked January 2013pdf icon Regional Spatial Strategy - East of England Plan [3Mb]
 OFenland Neighbourhood Planning Vision (Shaping Fenland) published reports (various)July-11A consultants recommended option on developing an integrated and holistic economic, social and spatial strategy to help inform future growth in the districtFenland Neighbourhood Planning Vision
 OLocal Transport Plan 3March-11Detailed transport programmes and schemes to manage growth across CambridgeshireLocal Transport Plan 3 (LTP3)
 OMarch Surface Water Management PlanNov-12

Detailed Assessment and options for Surface Water Management in March 

March Surface Water Management Plan
 ORetail Study 2006 (and 2009 update)



Provides evidence on the supply and demand for Retail Floorspace in FenlandFenland Retail Study
 OStrategic Housing Market Assessment updateLiveThe Cambridge sub-region's Strategic Housing Market Assessment (or SHMA) provides an assessment of the area's housing marketCambridgeshire SHMA

Fenland Sustainable Community Strategy

2009Strategy for how public, private, community and voluntary services work together to improve FenlandFenland Sustainable Community Strategy
 OWater Cycle Study - DetailedSept-11Identifies solutions and options to the issues identified in the Outline Stage and informs a programme of water services infrastructurepdf icon Detailed Water Cycle Study [2Mb]
 OWater Cycle Study - OutlineApril-11Identifies any key constraints in water supply and treatment to delivering growth.pdf icon East Cambs & Fenland Outline Water Cycle Study [8Mb]
 OWind Turbine Development Planning Guidance2009Guidance for wind turbine developmentWind Turbine Development Policy Guidance
 OWisbech Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk AssessmentJune-12Wisbech Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)Wisbech Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2
 OCambridgeshire Minerals and Waste PlansVariousSets out the strategy and policies for the provision of waste management facilities and extraction and management of minerals for existing and new communities (including the RECAP Waste Management Design Guide) 
 OPeterborough Adopted Core StrategyFeb-11Peterborough Adopted Core StrategyPeterborough Core Strategy
 OPeterborough Adopted Site AllocationsApril-12Peterborough Adopted Site AllocationsPeterborough Site Allocations
 OKing's Lynn and West Norfolk Adopted Core StrategyJuly-11King's Lynn and West Norfolk Adopted Core StrategyKing's Lynn and West Norfolk Core Strategy
 OKing's Lynn and West Norfolk Draft Detailed Policies and Sites PlanJuly-13King's Lynn and West Norfolk Draft Detailed Policies and Sites PlanKing's Lynn and West Norfolk Detailed Policies and Sites Plan
 OSustainability Appraisal Part 1 (Proposed Submission)Feb-13Undertaken during the preparation of the plan to assess how it contributes towards environmental, social and economic objectivespdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Part 1 [1Mb]
 OSustainability Appraisal Part 2 (Proposed Submission)Feb-13Appraisal of Locations for Growth at the Market Towns in Fenlandpdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Part 2 [2Mb]
 OHabitats Regulations Assessment (Proposed Submission)Feb-13Stage 1 (Screening) to determine whether the Core Strategy is likely to have significant impact on a Natura 2000 sitepdf icon Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) [1Mb]
 OEqualities Impact Assessment (Proposed Submission)June-13Assessment of equality in the preparation of the Core Strategypdf icon Customer Impact Review [44kb]
 OOpen Space AuditNov-06Survey of Open SpacesOpen Space Study 2006
 OMarket Town Transport Studies/Traffic Modelling of Development StrategyVariousFive year programme of transport improvements for each Market TownMarket Town Transport Strategies (MTTS)
 OMarch Area Transport StudyFeb-11Provide evidence on the transport implications of growth in and around MarchMarch Area Transport Study
 OWisbech Area Transport StudyFeb-13Provide evidence on the transport implications of growth in and around WisbechWisbech Area Transport Study
 OFenland Rail Development StrategyApril-13A 20 year plan to help improve the railway in FenlandFenland Rail Development Strategy
 OCode for Sustainable Homes and the Housing Standards ReviewNov-13Report from the House of Commons Environment Audit Select Committee