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Fenland Retail Study

Provides evidence on the supply and demand for Retail Floorspace in Fenland district - Published 2006 & 2009 (update).

  • Fenland Retail Study 2006Fenland Retail Study 2006

    Fenland Retail Study 2006

    In March 2006, Fenland District Council commissioned Roger Tym & Partners (RTP) to undertake a retail capacity study to inform the Council's Local Development Framework by assessing the role and contribution that the District's four largest centres - Wisbech, March, Whittlesey and Chatteris - can make towards meeting future retail needs.

  • Fenland Retail Study Update 2009Fenland Retail Study Update 2009

    Fenland Retail Study Update 2009

    Reflecting changes and the availability of new data, the District Council commissioned RTP to update the quantitative food and non-food retail capacity forecasts that we produced in 2006, using updated data inputs and rolling forward the capacity forecasts to 2026.

  • Fenland Retail Study Update 2009 - AppendicesFenland Retail Study Update 2009 - Appendices

    Fenland Retail Study Update 2009 - Appendices

    We have undertaken a 'performance analysis' (commonly referred to as a 'health check') for each of the four Market Towns (Wisbech, March, Chatteris and Whittlesey) in Fenland District, as identified in the adopted Fenland District Local Plan, using the indicators of vitality and viability listed in the bullets following paragraph 4.4 of PPS6.