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Higher Apprenticeships

The Government has set aside £25million of additional funding for Higher Apprenticeships.

Higher Apprenticeships were introduced in 2009 to support higher skills growth in the engineering and IT sectors. They are an excellent way to motivate your workforce, as not only is the apprentice able to see how they can apply their learning in a constructive way, they can see a clear career pathway to a higher-level role. Higher apprenticeships will help to create a greater emphasis on progression to Level 3 and beyond.

The Government has set aside £25million to support small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of Higher Apprenticeships. Investment should address an identified business need. The Government envisages the fund will support:

 - Co-investment. Where public funds are used to kick-start activity which is clearly aimed at generating ongoing employer contributions to support programme costs

 - Employer leadership. Using public investment to facilitate stronger sector or occupational partnerships to drive development and promotion of the programme

 - Transformation. Using public funds to achieve a lasting change in employer recruitment and training patterns, creating a significant change in practice.

 - Innovation. Using public investment to develop new models of apprenticeship learning

The fund should not be used to support the employer contribution to the Higher Apprenticeship cost.

The Higher Apprenticeship Fund is seeking collaborative partnership bids. The following organisations, or a consortia of any of the following types of organisations, can apply: employers, sector skills councils, professional bodies, national skills academies, employers groups, learning providers, including independents, FE colleges and HE institutions.

Find out about the Higher Apprenticeship fund with guidance and how to apply.