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Fenland Engineering Skills Centre

The Fenland Engineering Skills Centre (FESC) is a fantastic example of public and private organisations coming together to create a facility which will make a positive difference to our future skills levels and address an important need in Fenland's local economy.

A lack of skills in engineering and metal craft has been recognised for a long time in the area. The Fenland Engineering Skills Centre was created to improve skills levels in these disciplines and ensure work-ready, skilled people are available for local businesses. It provides world class training facilities for up to sixty people at Diploma and Apprenticeship levels and is based at the Stainless Metalcraft site at Chatteris.

The centre is available for schools or local businesses to use. Prices are as follows:

Centre Rates

Fenland Partnership members and sponsors

Industrial or schools within Cambridgeshire

Industrial or schools outside Cambridgeshire

Half day (4 hours)Full day (8 hours)Half day (4 hours)Full day (8 hours)Half day (4 hours)Full day (8 hours)


Group of 6£297.00£594.00£370.80£741.60£540.00£900.00
Group of 12£450.00£900.00£561.60£1123.20£720.00£1440.00


Group of 6£297.00£594.00£370.80£741.60£540.00£1400.00


Group of 6£297.00£594.00£370.80£741.60£540.00£1400.00

External apprentice

Week block/day rate£450.00£540.00

Please note that prices may be changed by FESC at any time so please contact them to check the latest prices and availability. Extra charges for materials and tooling will be added to the rates quoted above.

You can call Stainless Metalcraft on 01354 692391 or email them at