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Introduction - Options Fenland

Fenland District Council no longer owns or manages council housing

We transferred 3,754 of our homes to a new not-for-profit housing association Roddons Housing Association (RHA) on November 5th, 2007. RHA will be supported by Circle Anglia housing group.

The transfer was finalised following a three and a half year tenant-led consultation process, including a tenant vote which gave local people the decision over the future of their homes.


RHA, set up as part of the stock transfer process, is mainly run by members of the Council's former Housing Services team, who have transferred from the authority. This means tenants will be dealing with the same people for all their housing needs. Tenants will also be able to use the Council's four Fenland @ your service shops to access RHA services and pay their rent.

A fantastic offer for tenants

The Council worked closely with RHA to develop a fantastic transfer agreement for tenants. Highlights include:

  • £232 million of major investment in homes for tenants over the next thirty years.
  • new additional services such as a handyman, gardening and decoration service for older and disabled tenants.
  • 500 new affordable homes will be built by RHA over the first 5 years
  • delivery of a £1 million community fund.

The council's housing role

The Council retains responsibility for 'strategic housing issues', which includes:

  • making sure affordable housing is provided in the District,
  • housing needs assessments,
  • housing needs and advice,
  • private sector housing renewal grants,
  • disabled facilities grants, in partnership with the Home Improvement Agency (Fenland Care and Repair),
  • care alarms,
  • energy efficiency grants.

The Council will also play an active role in monitoring the performance of RHA and making sure it fulfils the terms of the transfer and in particular all the promises the Council made in its 'offer' document to tenants before the ballot in 2006.

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