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Dangerous Buildings and Structures

Dangerous Structure - Brightons West Pier When a building is in such a condition that people may be put in danger we have legal powers to investigate and to require that it be made safe. Typical examples would be walls which are leaning over or unstable, and roof tiles which are being blown off in high winds.

These dangers usually fall into one of two categories, imminently or immediately dangerous.

With buildings or structures which present an imminent danger to the public, normally all that is required is contact from the Authority to the owner requesting the structure be made safe within a given period of time. If this does not succeed, powers provided by the Building Act allow court action to be implemented. Ultimately, the Authority can remove the danger and recover reasonable costs incurred from the owner.

Where buildings or structures are immediately dangerous, requiring urgent attention, powers are available to take direct action to remove the danger. Again, costs are recoverable but every possible effort is made to contact the owner before any action is taken.

What is a dangerous structure?Dangerous Structure - hole in roof

The term 'Dangerous structure' covers any building, part of a building or other structure, where it poses a serious danger to the public such as loose slates/tiles, vehicle damage/collapsing walls, loose chimneys, leaning garden walls, broken hoarding, etc

It does not however cover such things as falling trees, holes in or uneven roads/footpaths, loose manhole covers, etc. Buildings which are simply dilapidated or run down would not necessarily therefore be considered dangerous and minor items (damaged timber fence panels for example) are also unlikely to qualify.

Building Control provide a 24 hour/365 days a year service for dealing with dangerous buildings and structures.


During office hours - Telephone Number 01354 654321

Out of hours emergencies - Telephone Number 01354 654321

You can report a dangerous structure using this online form but only if the situation is not urgent.