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The Party Wall Act

Many developments that are carried out can affect buildings or land belonging to a neighbour or adjoining landowner. If you intend to carry out building work which involves one of the following:

  • Work on an existing wall or structure shared with another property
  • Building a free standing wall or a wall of a building up to or astride the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • Excavating near a neighbouring building you must find out whether that work falls within the Act.

If it does, you must notify all affected neighbours who can agree or disagree with what is proposed. Where there is a disagreement, the Act provides for the resolution of disputes.

Building Control does not control or enforce the Party Wall Act. These are matters of private law. Building Control's only involvement could arise when a dispute occurs, as the local authority may appoint a third surveyor, to help resolve the dispute.

If you think the Party Wall Act applies to you, copies of the guidance booklet The Party Wall etc Act 1996 are available free of charge from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster see Related Links.