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Alternatives to selective licensing to be explored

A new task group is being set up to explore alternative ways of tackling problems with private rented accommodation in Wisbech.


It follows a decision not to press ahead with the selective licensing scheme that had been proposed.

The formation of the task group was announced by Fenland District Council leader John Clark at the Cabinet meeting last week (Thursday, January 19).

Cllr Clark said: "Some members have brought to the Cabinet's attention that they recognise the issues that Wisbech experiences in relation to the poor condition and management of private rented properties, especially houses of multiple occupation.  However, they are uncomfortable with the current selective licensing proposals.

"I am therefore proposing to set up a task group chaired by Councillor Mike Cornwell, portfolio holder for health and wellbeing, with officer support. Its tasks will be to:

  • Identify whether there are additional powers and approaches that could be successfully used as an alternative to the selective licensing scheme.

  • Set out the current resources available to deliver private rented housing enforcement in Wisbech and determine any resource implications from the use of additional powers and approaches.

  • Report back to the Overview and Scrutiny panel to bring forward recommendations to Cabinet."

Cllr Clark did not stipulate a time period for the task group to report but said it should be done "in a timely manner".

Article added January 23, 2017