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Chairman's Christmas shift with the Royal Mail

Visitors to the Royal Mail's delivery office in Wisbech got a pre-Christmas surprise as the seasonal parcels rush reached its peak this week (December 22).

Carol Cox at Royal Mail

Manning the counter was temporary "postie", Fenland District Council chairman Councillor Carol Cox.

She was there to see the festive operation first-hand and pass on the council's thanks to the staff for all their efforts during the busiest time of the year.

Cllr Cox spent more than an hour at the office in Enterprise Way on Thursday. She was shown round the building by Richard Grant, the delivery office manager for Wisbech and Chatteris, before joining staff members Justine Willmott and Stephen the delivery window.

In the four days leading up to her visit staff had handled more than 190,000 letters and packets and nearly 25,000 advertising leaflets.

Cllr Cox said: "I was very impressed. Behind the scenes it's so much bigger than you expect and there's an incredible amount of post to look after.

"The whole operation is incredibly streamlined and efficient. We should all be proud of the staff there and the work they do, particularly at this time of year."

Mr Grant said: "It was a lovely gesture for the council's chairman to come and have a good look at what we do here and see all the effort our staff put in for everyone in this area."

The visit was arranged as part of the Royal Mail's 500th anniversary celebrations. It was in 1516 that King Henry VIII knighted Brian Tuke, the first Master of the Posts. That was the catalyst for the creation of the Royal Mail as we now know it.

Article added December 23, 2016