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Help to shape the development of East Wisbech

Local people are being given a chance to help shape the development that will bring about 1,500 new homes to East Wisbech.


The new housing is earmarked for the area to the south of Walsoken. It has already been approved in principle through the Local Plans that have been adopted by Fenland District Council and King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council.

Now people are being invited to have their say on the development at a consultation exhibition being held at Walsoken Village Hall, Kirkgate Street, Wisbech, on Monday, December 12 (2-8pm).

Staff from the two councils and other key stakeholders will be on hand to answer any questions. People will also be able to suggest what sort of facilities they think should accompany the new homes.

All the feedback will help to shape the "Broad Concept Plan", a high-level masterplan, that will form the template for considering future planning applications on the site.

As something that is already part of the two councils' Local Plans, the East Wisbech development should be completed within the next 15 years.

It is completely separate from the Wisbech Garden Town proposal, which is a much longer-term vision.

Article added December 1, 2016