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Help design a new bus service for Wisbech

Wisbech residents are being given the chance to have a big say in helping to plan a new bus service to replace the Tesco 66 service scrapped by Stagecoach earlier this year.

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The Wisbech Bus Service Project has been set up to design a new pilot service which it is looking to launch in April 2017. It is asking local people to say what they think would work best for them.

The aim is to give more people access to Tesco and the other businesses on Cromwell Road. Options are also being considered that could help people get to other key destinations in Wisbech, including healthcare, education and community facilities that are not currently served by existing bus routes.

An online survey has been set up for residents to provide their views. Their responses will help the project determine the route of the new service and what times of day it is likely to run.

Councillor Simon King, Fenland District Council's Cabinet member responsible for transport, said: "This is a great opportunity for people to play an active part in creating a new service that has the sort of route and timetable that would suit them best.

"Stagecoach decided the 66 service to Tesco was no longer viable because too few people were using it. Simply reinstating the same service is likely to have the same problems. So we need to find an alternative service to that part of the town that better reflects local people's needs.

"We are also considering parts of Wisbech that do not currently have a bus service, so we would like to hear from people living in those areas. We need to understand what journeys could be made by local people if a service was provided.

"Initially, the pilot service will run for a year, during which time it will be closely monitored and any necessary changes made. It will then continue for a further two years while the funding from Tesco's Section 106 contributions is available.

"After that it won't be possible to provide continuing public subsidy. So our aim is to establish a new service that has enough passengers to ensure its long-term future."

  • To help with the design of a new service, complete the survey online at Alternatively, email or call the Wisbech Bus Service Coordinator on 01354 622318.

Article added September 12, 2016