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East Whittlesey - 460 dwellings and 70 bed care home

Larkfleet Homes are pressing ahead with the construction of a 460 home urban extension to the east of Whittlesey which forms part of a Strategic Allocation in the Local Plan.

  • Larkfleet Homes, WhittleseyLarkfleet Homes, Whittlesey
  • Homes under construction, LarkfleetHomes under construction, Larkfleet
  • Larkfleet, Phase 1Larkfleet, Phase 1
  • Occupied homes, LarkfleetOccupied homes, Larkfleet
  • New roundabout, LarkfleetNew roundabout, Larkfleet
  • Wetherspoons, WhittleseyWetherspoons, Whittlesey
  • Market Place, WhittleseyMarket Place, Whittlesey
  • St Mary's Church, WhittleseySt Mary's Church, Whittlesey
  • Straw Bear, WhittleseyStraw Bear, Whittlesey

Working in partnership with the Council, Larkfleet secured outline planning permission which also includes provision for a 70 bed care home and local centre.

Phase 1 for 120 homes is well underway with Phases 2 (93 units) and 2a (47 units) nearing detailed approval. The development will help to satisfy the demand for high quality homes in the town and is likely to attract commuters to neighbouring towns including nearby Peterborough. 

The illustrative masterplan and details of the reserved matters planning permissions can be viewed on 'Public Access' on our website. You can view the planning application details by using the reference numbers F/YR10/0904/O and F/YR13/0473/RM.