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South Wisbech Broad Concept Plan (BCP)

The Council has taken the lead role in developing and coordinating the adoption of a Broad Concept Plan for South Wisbech.

NWF housing

This was approved in April 2015 and will provide a mix of B1, B2 and B8 uses and housing for between 100 - 300 homes.

The site is identified in the adopted Local Plan and saw the Council engage directly with landowners, agents and partners to secure agreement to masterplan the site. This will occur in three phases. Phase 1 in the Cromwell Road area will be a mix of B1 and other commercial uses. Phase 2 to the east of the site is for housing, with Phase 3 in the central area coming forward as general employment uses thereafter.

Proactivity is key, and the Council is the driving force behind the Wisbech Access Study (WAS) which will set out detailed transport solutions for specific sites. Upon completion, this will enable the scheme to move forward to the planning application stage. The WAS is part of a £1.0million central government exploratory grant which will create access to a further £10.5million once appropriate measures to unlock the site have been agreed. To view a copy of the BCP and the accompanying report to Planning Committee visit:

To be a part of the future of Fenland, please contact Nick Harding, Head of Shared Planning Service, on 07920 160161.