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Wisbech pair pay the penalty for flytipping

Two more people have been successfully prosecuted for flytipping by Fenland District Council.

Flytipping at pumping station

They were found to have dumped a big load of rubbish next to a pumping station in Cross Drove, near Gorefield.  

Ronalds Krauklis and his niece, Solvita Stefane, both from Wisbech, pleaded guilty to the offences at Peterborough Magistrates Court last week (August 3).

They admitted dumping the waste at Willow Holt Pumping Station in October last year. It included at least three black bags, 12 cardboard boxes full of cigarette packaging, a blow-up mattress, a children's toy steering wheel and binoculars.

Details of the flytipping had been given to the council by Paul Sharman, chief executive of the North Level District Internal Drainage Board, which owns the pumping station.

He reported that waste had been dumped there on at least two separate occasions. It had been collected by his staff and stored in a trailer at their depot. Subsequent investigations pointed to Mr Krauklis and Mrs Stefane being the culprits.

Interviewed by council officers, Mr Krauklis had confirmed he goes fishing near the site and admitted that he had disposed of his own waste and that of his niece there.

In court Mr Krauklis pleaded guilty to depositing the waste and Mrs Stefane admitted knowingly causing it to be dumped.

Mr Krauklis was ordered to pay a total of £788 in fines and costs and Mrs Stefane a total of £685.

Councillor Peter Murphy, the council's Cabinet member responsible for the environment, said: "We're very pleased to have secured two more convictions. Flytipping remains a widespread problem but it is one where it is very hard to catch offenders red-handed.

"To tackle it successfully we need people to report any incidents and help us to gather the necessary evidence to enable us to secure convictions, as has happened in this case."

Paul Sharman said: "On behalf of the North Level District Internal Drainage Board I would like to thank Fenland District Council's officers for their efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

"Flytipping is the scourge of the countryside, causing unnecessary expense to both landowners and public authorities alike. It is extremely pleasing to see such a positive result and hopefully this will act as a real deterrent to others."

Article added August 10, 2016