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Recycle your old electrical goods

Have you got any old electrical items that have lost their spark? Then take them along to a special recycling event being held at the City Road car park, March, on Saturday, July 2 (10am-3pm).

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Anything with a plug or batteries - from a washing machine to a pocket calculator - will be accepted.

Items that can be reused will be repaired if necessary, tested and put back on the market.  Those which are not suitable for reuse will be dismantled and different materials sent to companies to be recycled into new products.

The event is one of six that are being organised by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership (RECAP) across the area between June and August. 

RECAP is working with WEEE Stop, a company that provides innovative solutions for electrical recycling. 

Electrical items can also be disposed of at your local household waste recycling centres.

For more details, visit  or

Article added June 2, 2016