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Take the lead in fighting dog mess

Members of the public are being urged to play an active part in supporting Fenland District Council's efforts to curb the persistent problem of dog fouling.

Take the Lead launch pic

The council has launched a new "Take the Lead" campaign asking people to report "persistent offenders" who fail to pick up their pet's mess or keep them under proper control.

The campaign was launched on Monday {May 23] in Furrowfields, Chatteris, one of the district's worst affected areas.

Later Street Scene officers toured local houses, distributing leaflets encouraging residents to register as supporters of the campaign, which will also target wider environmental issues such as flytipping.

The leaflets ask people to send in details of culprits' names and addresses if they know them and to identify the places where offences frequently take place. They also ask for descriptions of the owners and their dogs.

Councillor Peter Murphy, the council's Cabinet member responsible for the environment, said: "Dog fouling remains one of the main complaints that is repeated time and again, not just in Fenland but all over the country.

"Our officers can't be everywhere and it is hard for them to catch people in the act. So we need the public to help us identify the minority - and it is a minority - of irresponsible owners.

"If people come forward with this information, it will help us take enforcement action based on credible witness statements.

"This is the first phase of a wider campaign addressing other key environmental issues such as flytipping. People can register with us saying they would like to be part of it. Anyone who does so will be given regular updates on what we are doing to tackle these problems."

Anyone caught not cleaning up after a dog is liable for a fixed penalty notice of £75. Failure to pay could result in prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

To register as a Take the Lead supporter online, go to Alternatively, email the council's Street Scene team at, call them on 01354 654321 or write to them at Melbourne Avenue, March, PE15 0EN.

Article added May 25, 2016