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Taking pride in their arty bus shelter

It's a bus shelter like no other - a cheerful piece of street art, not just somewhere to hide from the rain.

Newton bus shelter

The shelter in Goodens Lane, Newton, has been freshly painted and plastered with little pieces of brightly painted pottery.

It is the result of a joint project between the Newton Street Pride group and children from Kinderley primary school. They gathered there last week [May 17] for an official opening ceremony.

The idea came from Street Pride member Carol Peasey. A pottery teacher herself, she went into each class in the school a couple of times to help the children make their pieces, which she then fired in her own kiln.

She said: "I'd done a similar project many years ago with a school in Kent and I thought it would be fun to have one here. The children love getting their hands dirty and making things and they're very pleased with what they've done.  It's very cheery."

Sadly, within days of the shelter being completed, vandals had broken off some of the figures.

"I'm a little disappointed by that," said Mrs Peasey. "Shame on them for spoiling something they should take a pride in."

Article added May 25, 2016