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Website revamped to help smartphone users

Fenland District Council has revamped its website to make it more user-friendly for people who want to access it from smartphones and tablets.

Website for smartphones

Information now appears in a way that is much easier to read on a smaller screen.

Councillor Chris Seaton, the council's Cabinet member responsible for communications, said: "We know that 40 per cent of people accessing our website last year did so using a smartphone or tablet. This update will greatly improve their browsing experience.

"Previously, when people visited the site on their smartphone, they saw a smaller version of the pages you see on a laptop or desktop computer. This meant they had to zoom into the part of the page they wanted to see and to navigate to other information.

"With the new design everything appears in a clearer, linear way, so you just scroll down the screen to see more information. The font is also more appropriate for the size of screen.

"The old format didn't encourage customers to interact with us online while they are out and about. Now, for example, if a resident spots a fly-tipping issue, they can use our existing online form easily on a smartphone. They can also pinpoint the problem on a map that's part of the form, which generates a more accurate service request."

The update is part of the council's wider "Channel Shift" project, designed to ensure that all its key services are available digitally.

Log on to with different devices and see how it works.

Article added April 27, 2016