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Hospital travel tips for people who don't have a car

You live in Wisbech, you don't have a car and you have a hospital appointment in King's Lynn or Peterborough. What's your best way to get there? The answers are given in two new, free pamphlets that spell out all the options.

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They are the latest in the "Getting from A to B - making essential journeys without a car" series published by Fenland District Council.

The two hospital-related pamphlets, numbers 12 and 13 in the series, give details of various bus services as well as the alternatives using taxis, Dial-a-Ride, community car schemes and NHS transport.

They also give specific case studies highlighting the best choices for individuals with particular needs and challenges.

A third new pamphlet, Case Study 10, explains how a family of four with very different requirements  can all benefit fro the X1 bus service that runs every 30 minutes between Norwich and Peterborough via Wisbech and King's Lynn.

Councillor Simon King, the council's Cabinet member responsible for transport, said: "It is often difficult for people who don't have access to a car to get to hospital or even do simple things like going shopping or visiting friends.

"These pamphlets set out the various alternatives open to them, and explain the pros and cons of each one, depending on an individual's particular situation."

The new pamphlets have been developed as part of the Wisbech Travel Choices project with government funding provided through Cambridgeshire County Council.

Previous pamphlets have tackled a range of other transport issues, including shopping trips for people with various disabilities and the best ways for young people travelling for post-16 education.

Further information is available in the Fenland Transport Directory.

All the pamphlets and the directory are available from the council's one-stop shops, GP surgeries and libraries. They can also be viewed online at

Article added April 5, 2016