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'Tis the season to recycle...

The mountain of extra rubbish created over Christmas and New Year needn't go entirely to waste if people dispose of it properly.

Peter 'Santa' Murphy recycling

That's the message from Fenland District Council, which is urging everyone to make sure they recycle as much as possible.

Councillor Peter Murphy, the Cabinet member responsible for the environment, said: "Fenland will produce an extra 350 tonnes of waste over the holiday period - that's the equivalent of two blue whales or 40 London buses. But a lot of that can be recycled if people take care to put all their rubbish in the right bins."

Here's where it all should go:

Blue recycling bin: All paper-based crackers, cards, wrapping paper and cardboard; glass and plastic bottles and jars; plastic pots, tubs and trays; metal cans (including aerosol cans), tins and foil; and drinks cartons.

Extra recycling can be put out next to the blue bin in a clear sack. These are available free from local Fenland@your service shops and community hubs.

Brown compost bin: Cooked and uncooked food waste; garden waste; real Christmas trees as long as they are cut into pieces that are less than 5ft long. Place the pieces in or next to your brown bin. You can also take trees to your local household recycling centre.

Green waste bin: Tinsel, bubble wrap and party poppers; cigarettes, polystyrene, nappies and bagged mixed rubbish; 'Jiffy Bag' style envelopes; shiny foil and wax-coated items.

·         For full details on what goes in which bin and what to do with your Christmas waste, visit 

·         To check your bin collection days, visit 

·         To see a video showing what happens to your waste, visit

Article added December 24, 2015