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Council goes ahead with Constantine House prosecution

Fenland District Council is pressing ahead with its prosecution of the owners of Constantine House in Wisbech.


They have been summonsed to appear at King's Lynn Magistrates Court on December 2 after failing to comply with a Section 215 Notice requiring them to complete the necessary remedial works on the building by October 26.

Councillor David Oliver, the Cabinet member responsible for dilapidated buildings and enforcement, announced the decision to prosecute at the full Council meeting this afternoon (November 5).

He said: "As Members were informed last week, the owners of Constantine House in Wisbech have not complied with the Section 215 Notice requiring them to complete the necessary works by Monday, October 26, and they did not exercise their right to appeal the notice.

"Our legal team has subsequently reviewed the situation and I can now tell you that we are pressing ahead with a prosecution.

"A summons was sent to the owners on Tuesday this week [November 3], requiring them to attend court. The date for the first hearing has been set for Wednesday, December 2, at 10am at King's Lynn Magistrates Court.

"We all recognise the significance of this building, which is in a key position in the town. It is important to remember that it is privately owned and that the full responsibility for the repairs rests with the owners.

"Over a long period we have done our utmost to work with the owners, as we do with all dilapidated buildings. All our efforts have been directed at finding the best and most effective way to get the required repairs completed.

"Despite an immense amount of hard work by council officers, we have not yet been able to get the owners to finish the essential works.

"We will now have to wait for the legal process to take its course. However, we continue to hope that the owners will comply with the requirements of the Notice."

Article added November 5, 2015