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Offenders forced to pay the penalty

Anyone who drops litter, fails to pick up their dog's mess or parks illegally has been warned: you risk an instant fine - and prosecution if you don't pay it.

Street Scene

Over the past year Fenland District Council's Street Scene officers have issued 32 fixed penalty notices - 28 for littering (£75), two for dog fouling (£75), one for a trade waste offence (£300) and one for selling vehicles on the highway (£100).

Almost everyone has paid up within 28 days but three people have been successfully prosecuted for non-payment. As a result they have been ordered to pay amounts ranging from £225 to £370.

Councillor Peter Murphy, FDC's Cabinet member responsible for the environment, said: "The message is clear: our officers will always take action when they see an offence being committed and we will always prosecute those who fail to pay.

"But we can't be everywhere, so we urge members of the public who witness offences such as littering, fly tipping and dog fouling to contact our Street Scene team if they are willing to provide a witness statement so that we can take the necessary enforcement action."

Meanwhile, over the same period 47 parking tickets have been issued for various offences, including exceeding the time limit, causing an obstruction and parking in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge.

They have resulted in fines currently totalling more than £380.

 Article added October 13, 2015