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Switch and save on energy bills

Householders could save around £200 on their gas and electricity bills by signing up to a countywide scheme that helps them switch suppliers to get the best deal available.

Cambridgeshire Energy Switch logo

The Cambridgeshire Energy Switch scheme uses residents' collective bargaining power to bid for lower prices from the energy companies. Procured by Cambridgeshire County Council, it has the backing of Fenland District Council and is open to all residents, including those on either credit or pre-payment meters.

Previous auctions have resulted in more than 700 households saving an average of more than £200 per year.

To access the scheme people need to register by midnight on October 12; registration is free and without obligation.

On October 13, the scheme will offer the accounts of all those who have registered to the lowest bidder from all the energy suppliers.

The scheme will then contact everyone who has registered and tell them what is on offer. Individuals can then decide whether to accept it or not. If they accept, the switch is all done for them.

To sign up for the scheme, people need to provide the name of their current energy supplier and the tariff they are on and the amount of their last gas or electricity bill.

Article added September 14, 2015