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Firefighters team up with Street Pride in Manea

Firefighters from Manea are teaming up with the local Street Pride group next week in a joint event aimed at encouraging more people to support their work in the community.


They are holding a combined litterpick around the village on Saturday, June 6.

Andy Clutton, Manea Street Pride's chairman, said: "It seemed logical to do something together as we are both short on numbers.

"Street Pride has a core of about six people that turn up each month, but in order to look after the flower tubs and pick up all the litter we need more bodies. Of course, our job would be made easier if people used the available bins, so that we could focus more on the tubs.

"The fire service provide a vital service that all of us may one day rely on, so it is essential that local people support them, too.

"I hope this joint event will shine a light on the work of both groups and help us swell our numbers."

Manea's Watch Commander Mark Milner said: "We're a community fire station and the firefighters are looking forward to this event to give something back to the village that we, as a crew, live in.

"Our numbers at Manea Fire Station have diminished and we are desperately in need of more residents to step up to join our on-call crew. We are are fully trained firefighters who are paid for the training and fire calls we attend and we respond to 999 emergencies via a pager around our work and home lives. It is a rewarding role in which you are serving your community as well as gaining valuable skills and making friends.

"So, however you want to help your community, why not join us at this Street Pride event and make it the first step to really making a difference in Manea."

The group will be meeting at Rumours Café at 10am on June 6. Equipment will be provided but people should wear suitable footwear and clothing. Under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Article added May 29, 2015