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New BMX skate park coming to Chatteris

Youngsters in Chatteris are set to get a new BMX skate park, thanks largely to a £75,000 grant from funding body WREN.


The money, awarded by WREN's FCC Community Action Fund, will be used to help build the new facility, complete with ramps, quarter pipes and a new footpath, at Wenny Recreation Ground, in Wenny Road.

The total cost of the project is about £155,000, with the rest of the money for the skate park coming from Section 106 agreements. Cambridgeshire County Council is funding the new footpath, which is expected to cost about £55,000.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Fenland District Council's Cabinet member responsible for the environment and open spaces, said the park would provide a real boost to local young people, who had played a key role in designing it.

He said: "Young people in Chatteris have wanted something like this for some time, so it'll definitely make a real difference to them. It's a big project, so we're delighted that we've got this big grant from WREN and can now start work on putting it all in place."

The project was initiated in 2013, following an approach to the town council by local youngsters. Students from Cromwell Community College have subsequently been closely involved in shaping the final design.

The new Tarmac footpath will link Elms estate to the Wenny Road areas including Cromwell College, Chatteris Leisure centre and other schools. It is much needed because the field is very wet in winter and occasionally floods in low areas

WREN is a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund.

Sarah Gosling, WREN's grant manager for Cambridgeshire, says: "We are delighted to be supporting the Wenny Recreation Ground BMX and Skate Park project and pleased that our funding will provide such a fantastic facility for young people across Chatteris. WREN is always happy to consider grant applications for projects that make a difference to local communities and we're really looking forward to seeing this one take shape soon."

Article added May 19, 2015