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Election day: handy guide for voters

Here is a handy guide for voters as they go to the polls on the biggest and most complex election day in Fenland's history.

Polling stations pic

Voters will be choosing not only an MP for North East Cambridgeshire but also members to represent them on Fenland District Council and local town and parish councils. And in parts of Whittlesey there is a by-election for a Cambridgeshire county councillor to represent Whittlesey North.

Here are some key points for electors to note:

• Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. 
• Follow recent changes to ward and parish boundaries and a polling district review, many voters may find that their polling station has changed since the last elections. Check your poll cards or visit before you go to vote.
• If you are not sure whether you are registered to vote, call FDC on 01354 654321 to check.
• Some seats in the district and town/parish elections are uncontested. Details of the candidates in all the contested seats (and notices of the uncontested ones) are available at under Election Notices and Past Election Results. You can view a summary of what is contested and the number of votes that can be cast in each election using the download available at
• If you have received a postal vote but not returned it, you can take it to the polling station in your electoral area or deliver it to Fenland Hall, County Road, March PE15 8NQ. If the offices are closed, put it in the letterbox which will be checked at 10pm today (Thursday, May 7). Do not take postal votes to any other council locations, including the one-stop shops or community hubs.
• You do not have to take your poll card to the polling station but it may save time if you do.
• There is support available at polling stations for disabled voters, including assistance by the Presiding Officer, large print versions of the ballot papers, magnifiers and tactile voting devices.
• European Union citizens who are registered can vote in local elections but are not eligible to vote in the UK Parliamentary election.
• Tellers outside the polling station may ask for your electoral role number.  You do not have to supply this information. It will only be used as a guide to indicate who has turned out to vote.
• Results from the 2010 parliamentary election and the 2011 local elections can be found at in the Election Notices and Past Election Results section.

The Parliamentary count will take place overnight on Thursday and those for the district and town/parish elections and the Whittlesey by-election on Friday morning, with results being announced as each one is known.

The counts are not open to the general public. The results will be available at

Article added May 7, 2015