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What questions can I ask?

Find out the further questions you can ask about the property and the adjacent land, and supplementary information that is not usually included in your normal search.

You can ask further specific questions about the property or the adjacent land using the CON29O form.

When completing a Local Authority search, there are an extra 19 questions you are able to ask. These include Road Proposals (such as new roads and traffic schemes), Pipeline Information, Public footpath/Bridleways and Environmental and Pollution notices. For the cost of the Con29O questions please see the link to our fees.

We also can provide information on supplementary questions not included in your normal search, such as "Are there any proposals for development of the land at the rear of my property?" This service costs £15.00 per question.

The public is entitled to view the same information as external search companies. However, you will need to ensure your building society and bank will accept a search undertaken by yourselves or an external company. Searches undertaken by the public or external search companies are not covered by Fenland District Council's insurance.