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Make sure you can vote in May elections

Efforts are under way to try to ensure the highest possible turnout for all the elections taking place on May 7.

Ballot box - count

The General Election is being seen as the most significant  - and unpredictable - for many years. People will also be voting that day for candidates for Fenland District Council and for local town and parish councils.

Fenland District Council is taking steps to encourage maximum participation in those polls and to ensure that everyone who should be entitled to vote is able to do so.

The deadline to register to vote in all the May elections is April 20 but the council is advising anyone who has not already registered to do so as soon as possible.

This week (Thursday, February 5) saw National Voter Registration Day, an event initiated by the organisation Bite the Ballot. The council supported it by running clinics at four locations across the district, with a member of the council's electoral services team available at each one to help people with registering.

They were held at the Rosmini Centre in Wisbech, March Library, and the Chatteris and Whittlesey Community Hubs.

Meanwhile, the council has also written to all households in Fenland to confirm who was registered to vote and the method of voting they have chosen.

The letter included advice on how to register online at  and advised people to contact the council if they required a paper form. It also asked them to email or call the council's electoral services team on 01354 654321 if someone was still listed at the address who was no longer resident.

The letter indicated if registered electors have been confirmed under Individual Elector Registration (IER) and whether they are postal or proxy voters.

To vote by post or proxy an elector must first be registered under IER. To apply for a postal or proxy vote electors should email or call the council on 01354 654321. Alternatively, they can download the forms from

The deadline to register for a postal vote is 5pm on April 21. For a proxy vote it is 5pm on April 28.

Later this month the council will also be holding special briefings for potential candidates or agents in the various elections. For more details, contact the electoral services team.

Article added February 6, 2015